How do I enroll in Pet Insurance?


The My Pet Protection suite of pet insurance plans is composed of the only plans specifically designed for employees and gives you superior protections at an unbeatable price. 

  • 90% back on vet bills
  • Exclusive to SDPEBA Members
  • One set price, regardless of the pet's age

Enrollment in SDPEBA's Nationwide Pet Insurance program is easy, and can be done online. You just need to find which payment method you would like to use.  Either an active employee payroll deduction, retiree pension deduction, or a active/retiree direct debit to your checking account. 

Just click the link next of the payment method of your choice to get a quote today.


Active Employee Payroll Deduction

Retiree Pension Deduction

Active/Retiree Direct Debit


Active Employee Payroll Deduction


  1. Select the species of your pet
  2. provide your zip code
  3. Pick your plan

Did you forget to sign up during Open Enrollment? This is a year-round benefit, which means you can sign up anytime during the year with no penalties.

If you are having issues with enrollment or payroll deductions, please contact SDPEBA at (888) 315.8027 or by email at


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