If I am already enrolled in SDPEBA dental, health, legal or vision do I need to re-enroll?


If you are currently enrolled in our dental (MetLife), health (Sharp Health Plan), legal (Hyatt), or vision (VSP) you do not need to re-enroll.  Your benefits will automatically roll over unless you need to make a change. If you need to make a change you may do so during Open Enrollment. You may make changes within 30 days of a qualifying event like marriage, death, gain of coverage.

If you need to make a change, you will need to complete the Benefit Enrollment Form then either fax 619.431.3078, email info@sdpeba.org, mail or drop off the form to SDPEBA 9620 Chesapeake Dr.
Ste 203-B San Diego, CA 92123. 

If you have additional questions please email info@sdpeba.org, call us at 888.315.8027 or Click Support on the support page of our website to chat with an SDPEBA representative.

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