How do I check for a lawyer prior to enrolling?


Professional assistance is closer than you think!

More than 15,000 experienced Network Attorneys are available to assist you near your home or office. Finding a conveniently located Network Attorney is easy: Simply search by Zip Code, City or County. You can even search for the type of legal services you need.

When you call the attorney’s office, indicate that you are a client referred by MetLife Legal Plans, provide your case number, and schedule a consultation.

To find a lawyer near you:

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Not a Memeber”, enter the access code
    • Active: 5930010
    • Retiree: 5930030
  3. Click “Learn about your legal plan”
  4. Click “Who will help me?”
  5. Choose State and County for broadest search

 No internet? You can call MetLife Legal 800.821.6400 to inquire about services

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