How do I check for a lawyer prior to enrolling?


Professional assistance is closer than you think!

More than 15,000 experienced Network Attorneys are available to assist you near your home or office. Finding a conveniently located Network Attorney is easy: Simply search by Zip Code, City or County. You can even search for the type of legal services you need.

When you call the attorney’s office, indicate that you are a client referred by Hyatt Legal Plans, provide your case number, and schedule a consultation.

To find a lawyer near you:

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Not a Memeber”, enter the access code
    • Active: 5930010
    • Retiree: 5930030
  3. Click “Learn about your legal plan”
  4. Click “Who will help me?”
  5. Choose State and County for broadest search


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