I am retiring soon, can I continue my SDPEBA benefits?


Yes! Active employees can continue SDPEBA benefits into retirement. 

First, you will need to request a Retirement Packet, 60 days prior to retirement (not sooner), from SDPEBA by emailing info@SDPEBA.org or call 888.315.8027

Once you receive your Retirement Packet you will need to complete a few forms and send those back to SDPEBA.

  • Retiree Enrollment form (Instructions)
    • Check off what benefits you want to continue
    • Pick up any benefits you want
    • and/or Make changes to any benefits
  • PDA form (Payee Deduction Authorization), attached to the Retiree Enrollment form
  • Continuation of Benefits (COB)
    • Check off what benefits you want to continue

Please contact us if you have any questions when completing these forms. 

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