I am retiring soon, can I continue my SDPEBA benefits?


Yes! Active City Employees can continue SDPEBA benefits into retirement. 

First, you will need to request a Retirement Packet, 60 days prior to retirement, from SDPEBA by emailing support@SDPEBA.org or call 888.315.8027

Once you receive your Retirement Packet you will need to complete a few forms and send those back to SDPEBA before your retirement date.

  • Retiree Enrollment form (Instructions)
    • Check off what benefits you want to continue
    • Pick up any benefits you want
    • and/or Make changes to any benefits
  • PDA form (Payee Deduction Authorization), attached to the Retiree Enrollment form
  • Continuation of Benefits (COB)
    • Check off what benefits you want to continue

Please contact us if you have any questions when completing these forms. Or, Click Support on the support page of our website to chat with an SDPEBA representative.

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