What does my MetLife Legal Service Cover?


The MetLifeLegal Plan provides members with access to a national network of more than 12,000 attorneys from which to choose. Plan attorneys have met stringent selection criteria and have an average of 24 years or more of legal experience. 


  • Covered legal service
  • Consultations on the telephone
  • In-person consultations
  • Document preparation
  • Representation in many frequently needed legal matters
  • PLUS, if you stay within the network, covered legal services are provided with no additional attorney fees. 

COVERED SERVICES - please click on the link

- Employment-related matters, including company or statutory benefits
- Matters involving the employer, MetLife and affiliates, and plan attorneys
- Matters in which there is a conflict of interest between the employee and spouse or dependents, in which case services are excluded for the spouse and dependents
- Appeals and class actions
- Farm and business matters, including rental issues when the participant is the landlord
- Patent, trademark and copyright matters
- Costs or Fines
- Frivolous or unethical matters
- Matters for which an attorney-client relationship exists prior to the participant becoming eligible for plan benefits

For questions regarding excluded services or other matters regarding coverage and use, call MetLife Legal Plans at 800.821.6400 Monday through Friday, 8am - 7pm EST.

For questions regarding your enrollment or payroll deductions, call SDPEBA 888.315.8027  or email support@sdpeba.org Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm PST

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