Pharmacy Ledger


In order to take advantage of the Prescription Benefit under the Group Accident or Group Hospital plan you will need to provide a Pharmacy Ledger with your claim form to AFLAC Headquarters. 

There are two ways to obtain the required documentation: (Example pictures below)

  • Keep the "White Paper" slip that comes attached to your prescription at pickup
  • Ask your pharmacist for a Pharmacy Ledger print out

To know you have the correct documentation it should state:

  • Doctor/Provider Name 
  • Name of person receiving prescription (This has been removed from the example docs)
  • Prescription Fill Date
  • Prescription Name
  • Prescription Quantity

**Note: A payment receipt will not be sufficient as they do not list the information required by AFLAC

*Note: Prescription Benefit is for Group Accident plans enrolled in, on or after, 8/1/2019

Please refer to the Group Accident and the Group Hospital brochure for more details or speak to an SDPEBA representative to discuss your plan by emailing or calling (888) 315.8027 


"White Paper" slip (Example)


Pharmacy Ledger (Example)


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