Adding Children



Are you expecting a new child (newborn or adoption) into the family?

In order to add a new child to your plan you will need to notify SDPEBA before the 30 days after the birth or date of petition to adopt your new child, including documentation; the Birth Certificate for newborn and Adoption Petition for adoptions. 

Once you have notified SDPEBA, we will send you a form to sign and must be returned before the 30 days after the birth or adoption of your new child. On your behalf, we will submit the form and documentation to AFLAC Headquarters. 

**Note: This must be done before the 30 days after the birth or petition per AFLAC policy. SDPEBA in no way has any control over this policy. 

If you have any questions regarding your AFLAC plan or adding children to your plan please contact SDPEBA at (888) 315.8027 or email 

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