How to Make the Most of your Vision Insurance [VSP Benefits Walkthrough]


SDPEBA members get access to VSP vision insurance for less than $10 a pay period.

VSP offers a suite of benefits that offer a wide range of customizable coverage, which is great... but also makes it a little complicated to understand.

Step-by-Step: How to use your VSP Benefits

Your first in-network eye exam of a benefit year is completely covered by VSP. After that eye exam you can then take your updated/new prescription to an in-network retailer to get up to two pairs of glasses.

When choosing your frames, there are three things to keep in mind.

  1. You have a $150 allowance on a wide selection of frames.
  2. You have a $170 allowance when choosing from VSP’s featured frames.
  3. If you go over the allowance, you get 20% off of the amount you go over.

So, if you buy $200 frames that are not a part of VSP’s featured frames selection, the first $150 are covered, and then you pay 20% of the remaining $50. Meaning, with VSP, those $200 frames cost you $40.

When it comes to your lenses, VSP covers standard lenses completely, meaning you pay $0 for single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses. VSP also completely covers polycarbonate lenses for your children.

If you choose to get enhanced lenses, VSP only offers 100% coverage on standard progressive lenses. If you want premium ($95-$105 copay) or customized progressive lenses ($150-$175 copay), you’ll pay extra.

Getting a Second Pair of Glasses

SDPEBA’s partnership with VSP means you can also get a second pair of glasses with the exact same coverage package.

The only thing to note is that this allowance is separate from the original $150/$170 for your first pair. Meaning, you still get up to $170 towards frames even if you already hit that limit with your first pair.


Contact lenses take the same spot as one of your two pairs of glasses. Through VSP you have a $150 allowance for contacts and access to a contact lens exam for a copay up to $60.

Meaning you can entirely decide if you’d like to get one pair of glasses and a set of contacts, just glasses, or just contacts.

Additional Benefits with VSP

With VSP you also have access to several other notable benefits, discounts, and screening.

These benefits include:

  • Savings on LASIK
  • Discounts on visual and hearing care
  • Access to Eyeconic’s web store
  • And much more!

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