Signing Up for Purchasing Power 


Enrollment is extremely simple! Simply head to and sign up. Follow the enrollment procedures from there. Once you’re logged in, there are no credit checks required and you’ll be able to shop the brands you love and make the right choices for you.  

In order to enroll you must: 

-Be 18 years or older 

-Earn at least $16,000 per year 

-Be an active San Diego City/County Employee (at least ½ time) 

        -If you are on leave, you will not be able to sign up for Purchasing Power 

-Have a bank account/credit card on file 

-Be a good standing member of one of SDPEBA’s participating associations  


Not sure why you can’t sign up? You can call (888)-315-8027 to check your eligibility 

Want to learn more about Purchasing Power? Click here. 

Didn’t answer your question? Click here to head to our main support page. There you can search for more answers or pose a question to our staff.  

You can also email us at or call us at 888-315-8027! 



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