How to use your MetLife Legal Plan


Getting Started

The first step to using your MetLife Legal plan is to make sure you’re enrolled. If you’re not, open enrollment begins May 1st for city employees and September 1st for county employees, but you can start planning now on exactly what you’d like to use your legal plan for. Once you are enrolled you must remain on the plan for the benefit year.

Once you are enrolled and your coverage begins you have two options, you can proceed using their website or their phone service.

Accessing MetLife via their Website

To use their online services, first head to their site and register. When registering you can use any email address you like (meaning it doesn’t have to be your work account), you just need to enter your name and address. If you need additional help, you can contact SDPEBA or check our support page.

MetLife’s user portal is very intuitive and notably than using their phone service. During times where there is a high volume of service requests (typically the beginning and end of the year), we recommend you use the online portal to save time.

Once you’re registered, all you have to do is follow the simple steps on to guide you to a list of MetLife representatives who can help you.

Accessing MetLife via Phone

MetLife’s Client Services phone line (1-800-821-6400) is equally comprehensive and intuitive, but requires patience as you wait for a representative.

Once you call, the client services agent will make sure you’re eligible for services by asking for your last name, the last four of your social, and your zip code. They will frequently get an email address here as well, but only to send you more information, a list of attorneys, or your case number.

Once they’ve collected the data, the representative will then determine the extent to which your case is covered and, if applicable give you a case number and a list of eligible in-network law offices.

What to do once you’ve got your Case Number

Once you’re settled in with a case number and a list of law offices, it is up to you to do your research and choose who you want to talk with. We really recommend looking into the options they provided and doing your best to choose an office that makes the most sense for you. Depending on how specific your case is, the number of recommended attorneys may differ.

Once you’ve selected your attorney, it is up to you to reach out to them, let them know you’re covered by MetLife legal, provide them with your case number and find times to meet for a consultation.

After your initial meeting, should you need more representation, you and your attorney can decide what those proceedings will look like.


If you want to learn more about MetLife Legal, click here.

If you need any help accessing your plan or have questions, head to our support site or call us at 888-315-8027.


Note: If you wish to use your own attorney, MetLife Legal Plans will reimburse you for a portion of the attorney’s fees. In the rare-case that MetLife cannot provide you with an attorney, the service will recommend you find your own and will reimburse you for that coverage as well. Contact MetLife support if you have more questions regarding out-of-network service, coverage, and fees.








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