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All City employees have access to Sharp’s Best Health Wellness, a program built around your physical and mental health that offers a variety of resources to help make living healthy easy.  Signing up for Best Health Wellness is simple, all you need to do is click here to register.

Once you’re signed up, you can immediately start making the most of Best Health’s video guides, webinars, wellness assessments, mobile trackers, and exercise tools.

What Does Best Health Offer?

Best Health encompasses a wide array of tools to help you stay healthy. These tools range from resources, such as guides and videos, to personalized help from health coaches and health professionals.

Global Resources

Best Health collects video and written resources that give quick tips to help with mental and physical help. These videos and articles are updated regularly, so be sure to check their site often.  

Best Health even takes those articles further and has created a wiki filled with information about wellness and prevention. On this site, you can search conditions, read up on medicine, take a health quiz, and get resources to help with furthering you and your family’s health education.

Best health also hosts regular webinars that often have to do with current events or health trends as well as consumer reports to cover any new advancements in medicine.

On top of these resources, Best Health also provides free or discounted access to exercise classes within San Diego county, click here to learn more.

Personal Resources

On top of everything listed above, through the Best Health app and their site, you have access to a few personal resources that are tailored specifically to you.

The most notable is the health coach platform. Through the app or this site you can find the sign-up session for 6-weeks of health coaching. Your health coach will help you understand everything Best Health has to offer and will come up with personal advice for how to best set you up for success.

The health coach feature lines up nicely with the wellness assessment. The wellness assessment identifies the health areas you should focus on and helps you set goals to better yourself. The test will also provide resources customized to your results!

Best Health also provides access to several trackers, such as the healthy eating tracker, the cardio tracker, and the fitness tracker that connects with any health wearable you might have.

Best Health also provides access to dozens of fitness plans with classes as well as access to Studio SWEAT OnDemand for free.


Sharp’s Best Health Wellness gives policy holders access to plenty of tools to take their health into their own hands. If you’d like to learn more about Best Health Wellness, click here.


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