Eye Exams and Finding Frames [VSP]


There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to receiving your eye exam and utilizing your two-pair plan. With the choice to use premier VSP in-network doctors and even certain retail chains, there’s plenty of places you can go to find coverage.

Getting an Eye Exam

This site is the fastest way to find an in-network VSP doctor. Once there, you’ll see the option to search by location, the name of an office, or the name of a doctor. You’ll most likely want to use the location feature. Enter your zip code or your address and if you want, check the box that says “all premier program locations” to the left of the search bar, this will make it so you see both private optometrist offices as well as national chain eye clinics.

You can also use the advanced search feature to specify languages, brands, and more!

When you search, you’ll see plenty of information about the practice and the brands they feature. You’ll also be notified if they are a member of the “Premier Program,” which means they’ve partnered with VSP to offer you greater savings.

You can also get eye-exams and purchases frames/lenses from department stores with optical sections, such as: Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart. These locations might come with limits on your benefits (e.g. smaller frame allowance/copay for eye exams), we suggest you contact VSP or the store itself for more information.


Once you have a location chosen, all you have to do is book an appointment (unless it’s walk-ins only) and then show up!


Finding Frames/Lenses

When looking for your actual pair of glasses you can use the same in-network search tool on VSP’s website. From there you can see which in-network doctors also sell frames.

You can also contact any glasses store in your area and see if they accept VSP or what restrictions they might have. As stated earlier, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart all accept VSP, but with a lower frame allowance.

We suggest you call/shop around for your frames/lenses, as different stores offer deals and different prices, or that you go through VSP’s site to make the best use of your two-pair plan. From their site you can access their digital frame/lens store or through VSP’s online store Eyeconic. Eyeconic automatically factors in your insurance and gives you the itemized bill as you shop around and makes it easy to see the types of lenses available to you.

Keep in mind that certain brands offer even more savings!

If you decide to buy your glasses in-store, ask the staff which pairs are VSP featured frame brands. If you need more information about what your plan covers exactly, check out this article!


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