Selecting a Provider [MetLife HMO Plan]


If you signed up for the MetLife HMO Plan, you must select an in-network provider that will be your primary dentist. 

To Select a Provider:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Find a Dentist"
  3. Select Dental HMO/Managed Care. Click submit
  4. Enter your zip code or City, State
  5. Click "Find a Dentist"
  6. Select MET100 and Click GO
  7. Choose 2 dentists, a primary and secondary in case the primary isn't accepting new patients.
  8. Contact SDPEBA and provide them with the Dental Office ID Numbers

Within the next 10 days MetLife will send you your ID card and you'll be able to start receiving dental care!

For more on your MetLife Dental plan, click here! 

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