Pregnancy and Newborns under Aflac 


With Aflac’s hospital plan, policy holders can receive coverage for prenatal doctor appointments (as doctor visits), delivery (as inpatient surgery), and overnight stay (as admission and confinement).  

Furthering that, Aflac considers the birth of a new child as a qualifying life event (QLE), meaning you’re eligible to change your plan within 30 days of your baby being born. That counts for all types of Aflac Insurance (accident insurance, hospital insurance, critical injury, and whole life insurance).  

Our Current Upgraded Aflac Plan 

Under our new (as of 2019) hospital insurance plan, newborns are covered under the policy holder’s plan for the first 31 days, regardless of a change in coverage. Meaning the child receives the same confinement benefits their mother would be offered. If the policy holder wants to add their child to their Aflac so they can be on their plan permanently, we’ll need a birth certificate/verification letter with the newborn’s name and date of birth during the 31-day auto-coverage window. You can send this information to us directly via

If the policy holder misses that enrollment window, they will have to wait until open enrollment to add the child to their plan. 

Our Old Aflac Plan 

If you have not upgraded your Aflac hospital insurance coverage since August 2019, your child will not be automatically enrolled in coverage. You still retain a 31-day window to enroll your child in coverage, but you do not have the trial 31-day coverage that is offered under our newer plan.  

 Once your child is enrolled in Aflac, they have access to four well-baby care visits. These are the only wellness visits under the old hospital insurance plan.   


If you intend to utilize your Aflac policy for the benefits listed above, or anything else, be sure to submit a claim! Unsure how? Click here.  

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